In the beginning of 2015 I promised myself that I was going to learn how to code. When I was in college I had played around a bit with HTML and CSS, so I decided continuing that would be a good way to start. After the first period where a lot of what I was doing didn’t make sense to me at all, things started to click and I started to develop a passion for coding.

Endless possibilities

Everyday it felt like I was being exposed to a whole new world. I became increasingly exited with the possibilities of how much further I could go, but at the same I started to feel a bit lost. I realised there is so much to learn and it’s impossible to know everything or learn everything at once. As a result I found myself asking google things like ‘Which language to learn first’ or ‘Where to start: Web or Mobile’.

Time to focus

I realised that in order to become good at something you sometimes need to narrow your focus a bit. So I asked myself one simple question that sounded something like: from everything you have experimented within the last couple of months, what has intrigued you the most? The answer was developing apps for smartphones, because I just find it so cool that you can create something for a device that people have with them almost 24/7. Since I had been a avid user of the iPhone and iPad, the choice of starting with iOS development was easily made. This is when the real journey began.

Why I’m starting this blog

Now a little more than 6 months into this journey I’m starting this blog mainly to keep me motivated and to become a better developer by sharing what I learn. My goal is to not only become a better developer, but I also hope to inspire others to try out iOS Development and hopefully become as passionate about it as I am along the way.