About two years ago I graduated university with a master’s degree in Psychology. After that I worked as a researcher for a branding agency and one of the leading news and current affairs TV-shows in the Netherlands.

For as long as I can remember I have had two big interests. On the one hand I was very much drawn to gadgets, computers and the internet. On the other hand I was a fanatical sports person and I developed a deep passion for the game of basketball, which kept me away from my compute.During my last year in college I got inspired by reading books like ‘Abundance by Peter Diamandis’ and ‘Hooked by Nir Eyal’. That’s when I decided that I didn’t just want to be good with computers. No I wanted to be able to make idea’s come to life by creating beautiful mobile applications.

Since that moment I have spend all my time learning about appdevelopment for iOS in Objective-C and Swift. I’m very enthusiastic about it and it has become a great passion of mine. On this website I write about the things that I’m currently learning in iOS development.